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Patient Scheduling

Praxisure provides a virtual front desk staff that are specifically trained on your office scheduling needs. Types of visits, reasons for visits, time for visits and any other requirement you may desire. In addition when your schedule needs to be cancelled, we contact all patients and reschedule their appointments.

Praxisure staff members are highly trained and respond immediately to patient triage calls. We obtain and deliver urgent and critical patient information to your back office phone number.

When we schedule an appointment for you, you can proceed with peace of mind, knowing that every patient has had their insurance information verified so that all deductibles and co-pays are collected at the time of the visit. Your patients never experience billing surprises, as they are informed of their responsibility prior to visiting your office. In the event of a large balance owed, we are also skilled in structuring payment plans that are mutually acceptable.


The trouble with running a healthcare practice today is no one working for you has the same vested interest in the practice.

If you don’t make money, we don’t make money! We have a vested interest in your success.

Insurance Claim Management

• Regular in-depth reporting.

• Aggressive insurance claim management. All denied, delayed and incorrectly paid claims will be tracked to ensure maximum payment.

• We will not allow a claim to grow old and become uncollectible.

Collection Benchmarks

• All claims should be paid within 30 to 45 days on average and accounts older than 90 days should be no more than 18% of the total account receivable.

• Growth and net billing report.

• Profit loss analysis report.

• Account receivable detailed report.

Insurance Analysis Reports

• Identify whether your practice is becoming saturated with bad payers.

• The most costly mistake a medical practice can make in the managed care world is not to know and understand the trend of your payer mix.

Negotiating Managed Care Contracts

• If you are not a member of your UPN or IPA run to join it now! There is strength in numbers.

• Praxisure reviews all managed care contracts and the fee schedules and has been very successful in negotiating fee schedule increases.

• If you don’t ask you shall not receive.

Customized Triage Calls

Praxisure sends all encounters to dedicated medical staff in our office for refill of medications, simple questions.  Of course, the provider dictates time between refills of medications and automatic appointment if not seen for a period of time.  This is all addressed with individual physicians on Practice Assessment. 


It takes time and skill to identify and screen the highest caliber professional, personable and efficient healthcare staff. Praxisure provides professional staffing support for every practice position whether permanent or locum tenans. All staff members from physicians to front desk will maintain or exceed the standards of your growing practice.

Never experience being short staffed, working with Praxisure eliminates this issue, as well as reduces your 25% cost of employment taxes for employees. Our practice assessment assists you in these decisions. 

Electronic Medical Records

Praxisure works with all Electronic Medical Records to maintain accurate and useful records for all patient interactions.

Income Projections

We provide you income projections per provider, coding, locations, and insurance carrier.

Month To Month and Year To Year Benchmarks

We provide benchmark reports for comparison for month to month or year. These are provided per provider, locations, billing, collections and insurance carrier.  This is crucial for your growth in realizing what to keep, what to increase and what to eliminate for your financial success.

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