Providing quality patient care efficiently and effectively can be a daunting task that requires skills that medical training has not equipped many doctors with. Our practice management solutions have the proven ability to take over those tasks that are most time consuming and frustrating, We can streamline the process of book keeping, billing and scheduling, allowing you to focus on medicine while we make sure you are profitable.

No more paperwork, no more coordination, just a manageable practice management solution. The advantages of the latest software and personnel:

  • Appointments will be booked quickly and easily
  • You will receive reports for billing and prescriptions
  • Easily upload health records and store patient details

More about what happens behind the scenes:

Automate Activities Such As Patient Care
You will have a fully integrated multi-channel contact center, staffed with qualified healthcare professionals who are specially trained so that it is easier to manage, synchronize and coordinate all patient details.

Scheduling Patients
Boost your productivity by automating the day-to-day tasks that can slow down the entire process. Easily manage your patient schedule with a multi-view calendar and drag and drop online patient appointment scheduling.

Patient Management
Get a complete, well-organized picture of your patients’ demographics, insurance details, account histories and clinical information all in one place. No more searching for charts, lab reports or billing info wasting time and energy.

Foolproof Billing Solutions
Billing software enables your practice management firm to help you avoid costly errors, minimize the rework involved due to common mistakes and get paid on time. With the ever-changing requirement for medical billing, staying on top of the new codes, rules and documentation is truly a full-time job that we can do for you.

Claims Processing
Our experienced staff can navigate the often-confusing claims process. We will keep the money flowing while you treat patients. Praxisure’s practice management solutions will reduce your overhead and increase your earnings, while it also reduces the stress of daily office functions. Revenue cycles will become clear and allow you to plan for the future in a way you may have never thought possible.

Credentialing, human resource management, contract management, coding and compliance can all be taken off your mind and taken care of without drawing your focus away from your patients.

Contact us to evaluate your practice goals and learn how we can help you. Call us at 866.271.6444 or complete the form below:
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